E-learning system

E-learning, also referred to as online learning or electronic learning, is the acquisition of knowledge which takes place through electronic technologies and media. In simple language, e-learning is defined as “learning that is enabled electronically”. Typically, e-learning is conducted on the Internet, where students

can access their learning materials online at any place and time. E-Learning most often takes place in the form of online courses, online degrees, or online programs.

In 2017, Microsoft introduced a set of educational products and services, inspired by teachers and students. The new tools work with Office 365 and include Microsoft Teams, Class Notebook, Office Apps, Education Apps and files built into every class.

By utilizing Microsoft education tools we have built a complete e-learning solution for universities. We provide a communication tools between the student and instructors, online storage and supporting tools for learning. The solution is customized to perform other task related student registration, courses system, Student records and other subsystem. The system is fully untreatable with other 3rd party solutions and can be used for example to generate student ID.