Internet Protocol Television or IPTV is a fast emerging concept which has gained much popularity in the recent years. The various features of IPTV provide a number of benefits and enhance the television viewing experience. It provides users the freedom to view content of their choice. It also offers flexibility by allowing them to view programs at a time suitable for them.

IPTV can effectively be used to view normal television, remote windows, adverts, special services, VoD and many more things. For viewing normal television, the IPTV channels list may be subscribed. The channels list can be used to select the preferred channels.

From the perspective of advertising, IPTV helps advertisers to base their advertisements and campaigns on the detailed demographic information available. The channels subscribed by IPTV users can provide advertisers the relevant information about the lifestyle and choice of customers. On the basis of this information, they can identify their target audience and design advertisements accordingly.