Invoice system for Becast

Invoicing software is a tool that automatically generates billing for rendered services and products. This tool creates a list of services and products along with their corresponding costs and sends them to your customers as an invoice. These invoices are commonly created using ready-made templates, mostly professional-looking ones, which makes the process easier and advantageous to businesses. Our solution features include:

  • Create and customize invoices.

    Today’s online invoicing platforms are relatively easy to use than desktop software and are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for many. Not being tied down to an on-premise system allows you to easily access information from anywhere to create invoices and personalize them to carry your brand. Unlike the traditional way where you already have a printed invoice, using this tool allows you to build an invoice from scratch and then populate the line items with customer name, quantity, amount, discounts, sales tax, and others. You may also choose to use templates built into the software and simply fill in the fields. Most applications offer customizing options where you can modify invoice elements or include your logo and other corporate symbols. You can create new clients or import client’s name from a database and simply click send. You have options to transform estimates approved by clients into invoices and send them also, or you can notify them to get the invoice from an online portal. Sending recurring invoices to long-term clients can likewise be automated.

  • Facilitate billing and payment.

    Online platforms do not require additional set up and can provide you with the capability to conveniently process payment. With invoicing software, you can create an online portal for customers to directly make payments and for you to immediately process them. It also allows you to accept foreign currency payments as billing and invoicing software has features to handle multiple currencies. With invoicing platforms, managing and processing payments had become easy tasks as you have the option to either integrate with PayPal or another online payment platform, or process credit card payments. Invoicing software usually has features to handle multiple languages, multiple currencies, and tax adjustments. There is also the functionality to track offline payments.

  • Generate reports.

    You can produce a variety of reports with invoicing software which can assist you to track your finances and monitor which invoices are currently outstanding. You can automate reports generation, export them as PDF files, and share or receive them by email. You can have reports generated and data analyzed to get relevant insights from your billing and invoicing operations such as the number of outstanding invoices, average time for a payment cycle, how many clients pay on time, and how many of them pay late. You can quickly get important information through the software that also manages all your records, transactions and database.

BeCast is one of the most famous construction company in Baghdad and they are our customers for 3 years now. We have implemented to Becast a solution for invoicing which support different customers and invoice history.