Online exam system

Exam System is designed for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Institutes, education establishment places and employment agencies to deliver exams and publish results to students, Examination System provides board examinations. Our Exam Management Software provides exams at the board and at the local level to facilitate examination. Online Examination System designed for board examinations whereas exam system used for exam preparation and practice exams. One can consider that the exam system can also be used for practice tests. Online practice provides the best learning and effective for students. During the exam, strict guidelines are followed and exam date timetable adheres to it. Our examination process is fully automated and no manual intervention is required. Our software allows the proctored exam schedule where a series of exams can be taken.

Exam Creator Software enables local and official exam creation where, teachers, administrator or examiners can create exams based on school capacity and standard.

The exam management system is best suited for graduate programs. Our exams can be conducted individually or as a group of students like classes. The examination timetable is similar to any official or board examination.

In order to support our country during the COVID-19 pandemic, Innovation legend has implemented an online exam system to enable our student to do their university exam online. Our solution been tested and confirm its stability for more 11 thousand students.